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Borri Giovanni S.r.l. has specialized in the production of handmade crocodile bags and Luxury bags in ostrich skins for over 55 years.

International Award Winning Handmade crocodile bags and Luxury bags in ostrich skins

Giovanni Borri was born in Milan in 1937 and in 1952 began working as an artisan for a bag factory. There he learned and subsequently perfected the production method, and in 1956 established his own firm which, in 1985, became “Borri Giovanni S.r.l.”. He started to produce hand-made articles together with several qualified craftsmen.  Today, Borri Giovanni S.r.l. is known and appreciated worldwide. The world’s most famous and elegant women and man purchase our creations in the most exclusive stores in Italy, Japan, U.S.A., Europe, etc.

You can see our production in show-room in Milan or at Mipel fair twice time at year. Mr. Borri Giovanni, thanks to his 50 years of experience in this field, make a personally selection of each skin so that the choice can be ever the most esteemed quality, on large range of colours. The products are in according with the Convention of Washington (CITES) that guarantee the protection and conservation about the species in extinction, therefore each articles has suitable certificate for its trade.


Women and man’s bags, wallets, belts, suitcases, trolleys, travel bags and gift goods in crocodile and ostrich.

Awards received over the years

Society: Borri Giovanni S.r.l. (registered trade mark) Address: Via Brunacci, 9 – 20136 Milano Phone: 02-89404254 – Fax: 02-58104939 e-mail: info@borrigiovanni.it

President: Mr. Borri Giovanni Vice-President: Mr. Borri Giancarlo Administration: M.rs Borri Sandra

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